*1" x 60 yds #RG400 Filament Tape 36 Rolls/Case

Product Number: RG400.24

Available in: ROLL, CASE

*12MMX330M 3M864 R/F STP 18RLS/CS #22793

Product Number: 3M-864-12X330

Available in: ROLL

*12mm X 55m #105 Black Tensilized Strapping 144

Product Number: 100-12

Available in: CASE

*18mm X 54.8m #788 Filament 48 Rolls/Case

Product Number: 74542

Available in: ROLL, CASE

*24mm X 55m #105 Clear Tensilized Strapping 72

Product Number: 105-24 CLR

Available in: ROLL

*3/4" X 60 yd #RG300 Filament  48 Rolls/Case

Product Number: RG300.40

Available in: ROLL, CASE

*Filament Tape Dispenser

Product Number: TDML2

Available in: EACH

3/4" x 60yds #100 Clear  Strapping Tape

Product Number: 100-17CLR

Available in: CASE

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